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Normec tests, inspects and certifies so that organisations can innovate safely, quickly and (cost) efficiently.

Thanks to our people, seasoned experts with entrepreneurial experience, we have grown into the leading specialist in the industry in very little time. Our mission is still the same as that of the small organisation that saw the light of day in the YEAR 2015: we want to support innovation in an ever-changing world. So that our business relations can safely continue trailblazing the way forward.

There are more than 3,000 motivated people working on improving the organisations of our clients every day. We are the proud employer of professionals with years of experience in and knowledge of the industry in which they operate. Clients regard the contact with each inspection team as pleasant. Personal. Committed. We deep-dive into an organisation. Comprehensive test reports, fast but thorough and well-automated certification procedures: that is the standard as far as we are concerned. Because we also supply organisations with advice they can rely on, we set a new standard together with the client.

Normec wants to contribute to a sustainable and safe living and working environment.

Joep Bruins - CEO Normec
  • Sustainable improvement Our testing, inspections, certifications and compliance services are designed to prevent risks. The added value of Normec is our commitment to collaborate with clients to make actual improvements in organisations. Our clients can count on detailed insight into quality, efficiency and safety. That is, after all, the only foundation from which they want to further develop their products and services. We call this sustainable improvement.
  • Growing with a healthy organisation Every organisation that innovates does so in order to grow. To conquer the world. Proper testing and inspection are sometimes seen as a necessary evil, but when it comes to innovation, it is precisely testing and inspection that offer opportunities no one wants to miss. Normec operates according to the important belief that standards for safety, environment and quality are developed as a result of decades of experience. The great thing about our work is that we use all that experience to help keep organisations healthy, while they continue their trailblazing efforts without any concerns.
  • Excellent IT-driven services At Normec, we do not believe that being the best in the business is enough. Fast, effective and (cost) efficient services, that's what enables us to make a difference. We invest heavily in the further development of our IT processes and application. We create and use the best applications; we are on top of the latest developments.
  • Investment in business relations Quality and safety are basic conditions within every organisation. A certifying body must not only be 100% independent and properly accredited but also relieve you of all concerns. Normec understands what certification procedures require from organisations and invests in long-term relationships by delivering clear reports, with straightforward feedback on what can and should be improved. We also offer advice and assistance in implementing the proposed improvements.

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The Normec laboratories are RvA or BELAC accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 (RvA: L264, L330, L509, L281; BELAC: 080-Test and 052-Test). Normec is a member of FENELAB, the trade association of accredited laboratories in the Netherlands.

Our people know the industries we work in like the back of their hand. We know what is required of organisations in everyday practice and what is involved in making it happen. We are substantively involved, and our clients can count on us.

Quick. Efficient.

By applying our proven methods and techniques, we work quickly and cost-efficiently. We actively communicate about progress and processes.


We like to let our clients speak for us. They rate our services with an average of 8.


We also set the bar high for ourselves. If you want to work effectively, sustainably, and transparently, you need technology. Smart technology. So we use technology and are continuously developing that technology further.

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