A safe and healthy living environment for everyone, indoors and outdoors.

Life Safety & Environment

Normec Life, Safety & Environment tests, inspects and certifies in all areas of advanced building and infrastructure, and environmental management. We apply our knowledge and technology in subareas with short term impact on public health and safety, such as drinking water quality, air quality and fire safety. Our expertise is also supplied in subareas with a long-term impact on health and the environment, such as soil quality and surface water. We also support organisations through compliance services. The result is an ever smarter, more effective and (cost) efficient integral control of our living environment.

As a business unit, Life Safety & Environment is part of the activities of Normec Group, a leading independent organisation that ensures the quality and safety of our customers’ materials, systems, and products. Normec carries out tests and inspections using accredited methods, advanced technologies, and in-depth understanding of the needs of innovating organisations.

Life Safety

Health, Safety and Compliance for indoor and outdoor locations.


  • Certification in the area of materials, personnel & processes and quality management.

  • Testing and inspection of electrical and mechanical installations, for safe buildings.

  • Prevention of e.g. Legionella infection. Advice and testing in the area of (drinking ) water quality.

  • Improvement and monitoring of air quality and hygiene.

  • Inspection of fire safety and other security protocols.

  • Testing of infrastructure, e.g. light posts.


A healthy and sustainable (living) environment.


  • Certification in the area of soil, asbestos and sustainability.
  • Precise mapping and monitoring of air quality, reduction of noise and odour pollution.
  • Normec monitoring of surface water and drainage.
  • Independent testing of soil samples.
  • Monitoring of waste & recycling flows.


Normec Assurance offers the right tools to organisations and personnel to guarantee a safe working and living environment. We use our expertise & controls to help our business partners operate safely and effectively.

We monitor, improve, and secure processes and safety and quality systems, giving our clients insight into risks and helping them see valuable opportunities. We have tomorrow in mind. Our goal is a future with fewer CO2 emissions and a thriving circular economy.

We think it is important for everyone to feel safe in their work environment, with equal opportunities for development and fair treatment. We have one goal in mind: a fair labour market. We want to help our customers find valuable solutions that facilitate improvement. The organisations we work with are open to independent audits by our business units; Normec Certification, Dutch Certification Office (NCK), Normec Laboratory, Normec Fair Labour (FLC) Certification & Normec VRO, and together we can help create a safe working and living environment.

Normec Certification

Normec Certification is the leading company in the field of certification. With expert, experienced inspectors (quality, environment and safety). In a short period of time, Normec Certification has become the leading certifying body in every sector, from installation engineering to construction and wholesale.

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Normec Laboratory

Normec Laboratory is RvA-accredited under number L330. This qualification, together with our thorough approach, ensures reliable analyses. The extensive knowledge available in the laboratory extends not only to the analysis but also to the application of your material.


Normec VRO

VRO helps organisations with issues around inspections and certifications, using fair labour as a starting point. We work with industry organisations to regularly develop new standards and schedules for various sectors such as: the temporary employment sector, construction, transport, logistics, technology, cleaning, meat and poultry.

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Normec Fair Labour Certification

Normec FLC quickly and efficiently verifies whether client organisations (still) meet the requirements set by the various standards? Normec FLC advises where necessary.

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Life Safety & Environment

Normec Group continuously strives to provide the best quality of life for everyone. A safe physical environment and a sustainable healthy living environment are the essential foundation for this. We conduct thorough independent research into this every day. We truly help organisations by providing clear reports based on our customer-focused approach and thorough analysis. With all our expertise under one roof, we relieve organisations of all concerns in terms of testing, inspections and compliance.

Normec Aquaserva

Safety is the most important aspect for any building manager. The specialists at Normec Aquaserva are fully aware of the requirements that are imposed on organisations in this regard. Water safety, fire safety, safety inspections and a healthy indoor environment are part of a total package developed by Normec for all safety aspects of buildings. Applications include inspection & advice, sustainable installation management and implementation of installation modifications to drinking water, gas or air installations.


Normec Biobeheer

Normec BioBeheer (bio-management) is an independent microbiological research firm. Our experts take water and indoor environment samples and compile clear analyses. With thorough research and inspections, and thorough advice, Normec BioBeheer guarantees the safety of (drinking) water and a healthy working environment.


Normec Fire Safety and Security

Normec FSS inspects fire protection systems. Our teams have expert knowledge of every fire protection application available, so customers can be sure of an excellent and efficient inspection.

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Normec Rei-Lux

Measuring the condition of masts, handrails, portals and many other elements requires innovative techniques. Normec Rei-Lux has developed and patented these measuring techniques. You call upon us to identify which objects are safe and which need to be replaced in the short term. 



For industrial analyses and research, please contact SERVACO NV, an independent, multidisciplinary Normec laboratory. We operate in the following subareas: environment, architecture, leather and textile, and general research.


All Water Services

All Water Services is the acknowledged and accredited specialist in the field of sampling and analysis of wastewater, surface water and bathing water. This includes the integral process of sampling, analysis and reporting. AWS's expert staff travel throughout the country to carry out sampling. AWS's clients include organisations from a range of industries that use process water, such as the food industry but also various water authorities and Rijkswaterstaat.


Uppenkamp & Partner

With Uppenkamp & Partner (U&P), Normec also has a base in Germany in the field of environmental research and related environmental regulations. This enables it to serve its clients throughout Germany with, among other things, forecasts and assessments for quantifying, reporting and reducing their exposure to noise and air pollution, odours and emissions. With the existing certification entity within U&P, it supports clients in the field of certification and approval management of environmental and energy management systems.


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