Normec Foodcare is further expanding their lab activities

Acquisition of Dumea

As of November 1, 2020 Dumea is part of the Normec Group.

About Dumea
Dumea was founded in 2014 and has its headquarters in Wijhe (the Netherlands). Dumea is an ISO17025 accredited laboratory and focuses on sampling and laboratory research for the agricultural and water domain. Dumea positions itself as one of the few leading laboratories in the Dutch agricultural sector and specialises in conducting studies about manure, soil, crop and works for companies dealing with the quality of water (drinking water, swimming water) as well. Dumea is also accredited to take manure samples (AP06 accreditation). Since 2017, it has namely been mandatory in the Netherlands for manure samples to be taken by an accredited party.

Normec is pleased to add Dumea to the Normec Group. The acquisition of Dumea is in line with the ambition of Normec Foodcare to provide added value throughout the chain as a knowledgeable partner in the areas of food safety, product quality and flavour. The services provided by Dumea are comparable to the Normec Roba Laboratory, both in activities and in size. Dumea’s water activities are complementary to the Normec water cluster (AWS, Kalsbeek, AquaServa & BioBeheer). Collaboration will be conducted within the group to achieve further growth and the wish to offer customers an even more complete range of services.


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