Normec Foodcare is further expanding their lab activities

Acquisition of LVL

As of November 1, 2020 LVL has become part of the Normec Group

About LVL Lebensmittel- & Veterinarlabor GmbH (LVL)
LVL was founded in 1998 and has its headquarters in Emstek, in the heart of one of the densest agricultural regions in Germany. LVL is an accredited laboratory and focuses on microbiological, chemical and serological analysis for food & feed and has grown into an authority in its field and has now a total of about 70 employees. Among the customer base of LVL are slaughterhouses, meat processing companies, butchers, veterinarians and producers of animal feed.

Business operation of LVL will remain under supervision of Dr. Kirsten Mueller and Dr. Erwin Sieverding. Dr. Dieter Schulze will remain actively involved in the further development of LVL Laboratory.

Normec is pleased to add LVL to the Normec Group. Together with the other laboratories in the group, we will be able to serve an even wider customer base in the future. Of course, there will also be close cooperation with the existing Normec Foodcare branches in Germany as well as with the 7 other laboratories within the group.

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