Normec Life Safety & Environment is further expanding their training activities

Acquisition of Inrush & Certiprotect

As of December 1, 2020 Inrush and Certiprotect are part of the Normec Group

About Inrush
Inrush was founded in 2000 by 2 teachers with extensive experience in safety training and has grown into a leading player in this market. Inrush provides safety training in which awareness, knowledge and skills are developed to safely handle and carry out work on electrical installations. The participants in the courses are employees who work in and with electrical installations and personnel who, for example, perform painting, construction and cleaning work in the vicinity of these installations.

Since its establishment, Inrush (Stipel) has provided safety training, both in low and high voltage, for more than 2,500 students per year. Conducted at our own four locations, at guest locations and at customer locations. Inrush is in possession of a huge knowledge base and experience in the offshore, energy companies (generation and distribution), wind energy, hospitals, installers and traction companies.

About Certiprotect
Certiprotect was founded in 2012 and is the independent examination office for safety exams. Training participants at Inrush can take their exam at Certiprotect.

After the transaction, the management of Inrush and Certiprotect will remain unchanged and in the hands of René Arends as director of Inrush and Rick Kramer as director of Certiprotect.

Normec is pleased to add both companies to the Normec Group. Within the Normec Life Safety & Environment division, the training activities within the (industrial) working environment will be further expanded after the previous acquisition of Industrial Safety & Emergency Consult (ISEC) near the port of Antwerp.


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