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Normec All Water Services (AWS)

Normec All Water Services (AWS) the accredited and independent agency in the field of sampling and analysis of wastewater, surface water and outdoor swimming water. As a leading specialist in the field of inspection and testing of environment-related activities, we spare you the burden with our professionalism, expertise and quality of service. We take care of the entire process from sampling, analyses to the final reports.

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We handle the entire process from sample-taking, analysis to filing a report. We are independent. We can therefore carry out your surveys at every accredited laboratory in The Netherlands if you so wish. It goes without saying that our activities comply with all statutory regulations and standards. Our clients are companies, institutions, municipalities, water boards and environmental services. The Rijkswaterstaat (the Dutch Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management) also makes use of our services.

We distinguish ourselves through our extensive automated processing of survey data and laboratory analyses. This enables you to track all surveying and sampling activities in real-time via your own digital file. This means you are always up to date.

An overview of some of our services:

Please visit our site for more information about our services or contact us directly by calling +31 (0)73 – 644 33 32 or sending an email to commercie-aws@normecgroup.com.

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