Kalsbeek is the leading research and consultancy company in the area of water safety with a wide range of sophisticated solutions and products that have been developed in-house. Kalsbeek also has the right solution where water quality is concerned for your business operations, cooling and/or heating installations. Kalsbeek has all the necessary expertise for safe drinking and process water for you at its disposal.

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Kalsbeek assists your organisation in creating a healthy living and work environment. We analyse and examine the environment and then deliver tailor-made advice. This will allow you to provide a healthy living environment for all your users, and a healthy work environment for your employees. For more than 70 years, we have been serving numerous companies, organisations and institutions with smart tailor-made solutions and all-in service contracts – in every sector.

Optimal risk management
From periodic analyses by taking samples, inspecting check valves, carrying out disinfection and microbiological studies, to drawing up a 100% independent risk analysis and fully automated management plan for legionella prevention: Kalsbeek has all the expertise at their disposal to ensure safe drinking and process water. Kalsbeek operates its own service and maintenance department for water treatment equipment. We offer a solution for all your water quality issues, along with a range of chemical products.

Intelligent solutions
The ingenious tools from Kalsbeek in combination with our digital legionella management app T@pper offer a comprehensive solution for microbiological prevention, e.g. legionella, listeria and salmonella. An overview of Kalsbeek’s products

  • T@pper
    Realtime legionella management via a smartphone, PC or tablet. This is the digital solution for legionella prevention, with site-specific tasks for your site manager. But also, practical management reports, overviews of open tasks, and your digital logbook.
  • S@nsor
    S@nsor is the smart legionella prevention sensor. As well as the temperature, it also measures water flow in your pipes. This way, you avoid unnecessary water wastage and you are in full control of your legionella management 24/7. Manual management measures are a thing of the past. S@nsor in combination with T@pper directs your management on a site-specific basis. No more wasting water and time. Fully wireless, sustainable and efficient.
  • Ecapro+
    The Ecapro+ system is exceptionally effective in combating Legionella. The disinfectant Anoxyl, which is produced by Ecapro+, is added to drinking water. Safe, environmentally friendly and approved by CTBG for drinking-water installations
  • Micronox
    Our Micronox is the ultimate disinfection system for process water applications. It avoids the use of chemicals and is therefore both sustainable and safe. Micronox technology is a unique process of anodic oxidation. It is a potent, environmentally friendly and safe disinfection solution. It kills bacteria such as Legionella, E-coli, enterococci and other microbiological contaminants in an environmentally friendly way and dissolves over time into a weak, non-toxic saline solution.
  • Chemical products
    A wide range of proprietary chemical products for water treatment, designed to protect your installations against microbiological and biological contamination.

Fully in control
By focusing on its in-house products, Kalsbeek is at the forefront of the market and is able to offer a solution for every water-related problem. Please contact Kalsbeek if you are looking to guarantee the safety in your building(s) and work environment, for advice on the design of your drinking and/or process water installation, or if you would like to know how you can minimise any health risks through hygienic, effective water treatment.

For more information about our services, please visit our site or contact us directly at 0592 – 350 000 or by email mail@kalsbeek.net. Our water specialists are more than happy to help you.

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