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Normec AquaServa is an independent consultancy firm dedicated to building safety, with its own installers and inspectors all over the Netherlands. Safety is the most important aspect for any building manager. The specialists at Normec Aquaserva are fully acquainted with the safety standards set for organisations for this purpose. Water safety, fire safety, safety inspections and a healthy indoor environment are part of the total package created by Normec AquaServa to cover all safety aspects of buildings.


Building safety is of vital importance to you. You want residents, guests and employees to be able to live and work safely and healthily in your homes or buildings. Moreover, you are faced with wide-ranging legislation and regulations that you are required to comply with.

Everything under one roof for your building safety
Our own inspectors and advisors will take the burden off your shoulders with a comprehensive package covering all safety aspects relating to your building. You will have a dedicated advisor or installer. Someone who knows your installations very well, knows exactly where to go and who are themselves responsible for taking samples. Normec AquaServa works closely together with Normec Biobeheer, its own accredited laboratory for sampling, surveys and analysis of your water and air samples.

An overview of some of our services:

  • BuildingOnline
    With Building Online, you can arrange all safety checks and inspections; from the prevention of legionella contamination to proper fire safety and healthy ventilation. This enables you to achieve smart, cost-effective and efficient management of all your buildings.
  • Water Safety
    The basis of water safety always begins with a risk analysis and management plan. Normec AquaServa is BRL6010-certified and maps out for you the risks that are present in your drinking-water installation. Then we set to work to restore the water safety in your building in a sustainable way; e.g. via source examination, disinfection of pipes or examining check valves. Everything that is required to guarantee the water safety status of your installations.
  • Fire Safety
    Normec AquaServa helps you to fulfil your duty of care with regard to fire safety. We start with a thorough risk analysis and check whether you meet all fire safety requirements on the basis of the building permit blueprint and your user permit. We process all the focus areas for you in a comprehensive and clear fire safety report. You can make adjustments to your building on the basis of this report. Of course, you can always track the current status of your installations and the planning and execution of work in Building Online.
  • Inspections
    With a safety inspection from Normec AquaServa, your electricity, gas installation or other installations will receive a thorough examination carried out by our in-house assessors and inspectors. After the safety inspection you will receive an inspection report with all of our findings. In Building Online, you can also always check the current status of your installations, planning and enactment of work and certificates.

Normec AquaServa is VCA, BRL K14038, BRL 9500 KOMO, BRL 9500 NL EPBD and BRL 6010 InstallQ KOMO certified.

All-inclusive service that takes the burden off your shoulders
Whether it concerns an extensive risk analysis, detailed drawings, management of your installations or sound advice. Or more practical matters such as a certified safety assessment, the disinfection of contaminated pipes or inspection of your fire extinguishers. We handle all required measures and solve your problems. In consultation with you, we draw up clear agreements and all tasks can be tracked via your online Building dossier.

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