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Normec BioBeheer (Normec Bio-Management) is an independent bacteriological research bureau with an accredited laboratory that focus on water and indoor environments. Our experts take water and indoor environment samples and draw up clear analyses. Through extensive research and inspections and with sound advice, Normec BioBeheer guarantees the safety of (drinking) water and a healthy work environment.


Normec BioBeheer is committed to the safety of (drinking-) water and a healthy work environment through surveys and inspection. Our deepest conviction is that we can make a substantial contribution to the safe use of (drinking-) water and ensure that employees are able to work in a healthy work environment. Driven and down-to-earth, we are always striving for innovation, the finest surveying methods and the latest insights in the field of surveying. Normec BioBeheer works closely together with Normec AquaServa, an independent consultancy firm concerned with building safety.

An overview of some of our services:

  • Legionella analysis
    Companies and institutions are legally required to have water tested periodically for the presence of the Legionella bacteria. As an ISO17025 accredited institution, Normec BioBheer is the party for analysing your Legionella water samples. Normec BioBeheer is one of the few laboratories in The Netherlands accredited for using what is known as the PCR method. In this process, confirmation and characterisation of Legionella bacteria is carried out via DNA testing. This yields a considerable saving in time compared to the traditional confirmation method.
  • Legionella analysis of wastewater
    Analysis of wastewater for Legionella is a specialism in its own right. Analysis of wastewater is more difficult than drinking-water, because it contains a lot of different types of micro-organisms. Normec BioBeheer is the only laboratory in The Netherlands that is accredited for both sample-taking and analysis in accordance with the Legionella in Wastewater NEN-EN-ISO 19458/NEN-EN-ISO 11731 standards.
  • Microbiological air- and surface surveys
    Micro-organisms are present both outdoors and inside the workplace. Normec BioBeheer examines the presence of (harmful) bacteria, fungi and yeasts by taking and analysing microbiological indoor environment samples (from both the air and surfaces). By locating these bacteria, insight can be gained into how to improve air conditioning installations, ventilation ducts and/or the workplace.

Normec BioBeheer is an ISO17025 accredited laboratory. For the complete and current scope of our accreditation we kindly refer you to the RvA website. Normec BioBeheer is a member of Fenelab, the trade association for accredited laboratories and calibration and inspection bodies in The Netherlands. It is active in the Dutch Accreditation Committee, among other things. Normec BioBeheer is also a member of the NEN Microbiological Parameters subcommittee on standards. As such, Normec BioBeheer is involved in drawing up and updating national standards and providing input into European and international standardisation of methods for microbiological research of water and sludge.

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