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Normec NCK is an accredited certification body (by the Dutch Accreditation Council, reg. no. C234 and C274) and market leader in the field of asbestos, building materials and soil. Our expert and experienced inspectors in the field of quality, environmental issues and safety help customers to achieve sustainable improvements. With our certification services organisations gain detailed insight into their quality, efficiency and safety levels.


Normec Certification is more than happy to help you secure a certificate that applies to your company. We provide certification for various industries. Our teams offer service-oriented inspections that are impartial, thorough, and that never lose sight of the client’s interests. At Normec Certification, we attach great importance to an efficient process and clear communication, so that our clients soon know where they stand. Our experienced employees guarantee personal contact and a comprehensive final report that you can follow up on.

An overview of some of our services:

Normec Certification is accredited by the Accreditation Council RvA (Dutch Accreditation Council) ) for ISO17021 and ISO17065 and issues certificates with the RvA logo. For the complete and current scope of our accreditation, please refer to the RvA website (C234 en C274). We are also a member of the NVCI (Dutch Association of Certifying Institutions). We are also a member of the NVCI (Dutch Association of Accredited Bodies). With a Normec certificate, you are safeguarding the quality of your organisation as well as distinguishing yourself from your competitors.

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