Normec Certification

Normec Certification is the leading company in the field of certification. With expert, experienced inspectors (quality, environment and safety). In a short period of time, Normec Certification has become the leading certifying body in every sector, from installation engineering to construction and wholesale.


Normec Certification takes care of the certification of organisations in a large number of sectors and in different fields. Our teams offer service-minded inspections – impartial and thorough, without losing sight of the customer’s needs. Normec feels strongly about an efficient process and clear communication so that customers quickly know where they are at. Our experienced people guarantee personal contact and an understandable final report.

“Often it is not only about the obligation for our customers. If an organisation has a certificate it shows customers it provides quality and is reliable.”

– Joep Bruins, CEO Normec

Normec Certification is accredited for ISO 17021 and ISO 17065 and issues certificates with the RvA logo. Normec is a member of the NVCI (Dutch Association of Certification Institutions).

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The number one in quality and safety