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Normec Fire Safety and Security (FSS)

Normec Fire Safety & Security (FSS) is an accredited inspection body, which is able to handle the entire inspection process to ascertain a certified level of fire safety. Proper, efficient inspections of fire safety installations are the specialism of our highly experienced and skilled inspectors. The mission of Normec FSS is to ensure optimum levels of fire safety in the Netherlands.

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Normec Fire Safety & Security (FSS) inspects fire safety installations in the built-up environment. There are specific laws and regulations that must be complied with for the intended use of each fire safety installation. Our competent inspectors are thoroughly acquainted with these laws and regulations down to the last detail. We will help you to ensure that your fire safety installations function in full accordance with the requirements.

Client-oriented work method
Our experienced inspectors employ a rigorous but also efficient work method: we prepare a quote within 48 hours and deliver an inspection report within 4 weeks. Normec FSS owes its efficiency to three aspects of our services: professional competence, clear communication and smart use of IT. Our customers soon know where they stand and do not need to understand any incomprehensible jargon. We draw up clear agreements right away and write insightful inspection reports. In addition, our smart IT applications help keep track of everything, for both the client and ourselves, and ensure that delays are kept to a minimum.

The entire inspection process includes assessing the criteria and strategy, carrying out intermediary inspections and the initial inspection. If an inspection has been completed and a positive outcome is reached with respect to the intended purpose, an inspection certificate can be issued.

An overview of some of our inspections:

Normec Fire Safety & Security is ISO 17020 accredited. For the complete and current scope of our accreditation we kindly refer you to the RvA website.

Please visit our site for more information about our services or contact us directly by calling 0765 – 780 949 or sending an e-mail to info-fss@normec.nl.

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