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Normec Fire Safety and Security

Normec FSS inspects fire protection systems. Our teams have expert knowledge of every fire protection application available, so customers can be sure of an excellent and efficient inspection.

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Normec Fire Safety & Security (FSS) inspects fire protection systems in built-up areas. Our experienced inspectors are thorough and efficient: we submit a quote within 48 hours and an inspection report within 4 weeks. Normec FSS’ goal is to provide the best possible service to customers with integrity.

Specific laws and regulations exist for every user function a fire protection system needs to comply with. Our professionals know these laws and regulations down to the smallest detail. Normec FSS ensures customers’ fire protection systems are fully in accordance with the requirements. Normec Fire Safety & Security is accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA).

Normec FSS’ efficiency can be attributed to two aspects: clear communication and smart use of IT. Our customers know where they are at immediately and are not blindsided by incomprehensible technical jargon. We reach clear agreements from the start and draw up understandable inspection reports. Our smart IT applications also help us to keep an overview, for both the customer and for us, and to limit delays to a minimum.

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