Normec Rei-Lux

Normec Rei-Lux is an measuring company that measures the stability of lampposts and similar anchored structures using a patented 3D measuring system. The measurements are aimed at extending the life expectancy of the structures, thereby reducing costs and avoiding any unnecessary CO2 emissions.


Public safety is a matter of concern to all of us. But how do you know if the masts, portals, railings and artworks that fall under your responsibility are all still safe? You bring Normec Rei-Lux on board for that. We use innovative and patented measurement techniques to assess the condition of masts, handrails, portals and many other objects. This enables us to determine which objects are safe and which need to be replaced in the near future.

Why choose Normec Rei-Lux?
Safeguarding public safety is the number one priority for Normec Rei-Lux and we also offer you:

  • The best measurement techniques: Rei-Lux is the only company that, in addition to 3D static surveys, also carries out 3D dynamic surveys and/or dynamic 3D rotation surveys and delivers statements about the whole object. Single surveys and one-stop inspections are also possible.
  • Financial savings: If you opt for our stability surveys, you avoid the unnecessary replacement of objects otherwise written off on paper. This results in huge financial savings.
  • Guarantee: After assessment and approval, we issue a security certificate. This guarantees that the object can last for at least another six years without any issues. Rei-Lux assumes liability for this period.
  • Sustainability: By opting for stability surveys, you extend the lifespan of objects. This avoids any unnecessary output. The effect: a considerable reduction in CO2emissions.
  • Quality: Rei-Lux works in accordance with the highest quality standards. For example, we have a VCA** certificate, the Rei-Lux parent organisation is ISO 9001 certified and the TÜV Institute has deemed that our surveying methods are not destructive.
  • Experience: Rei-Lux has been active in public lighting since 1988. We have measured more than 2 million lampposts worldwide and more than 200,000 in The Netherlands. To date, more than 230 municipalities and other clients have made use of our services.

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