Normec VRO

Normec VRO is an accredited institution (by the Dutch Accreditation Council, reg. no. I203). Normec VRO inspects and certifies companies that aim to distinguish themselves in the realm of fair labour. In cooperation with sector organisations, we are actively involved in the development of new standards and frameworks for a range of sectors. Normec VRO is authorised to carry out inspections for the SNA quality mark, the SNF quality mark, the ABU and the NBBU, amongst others.


Normec VRO develops standards and frameworks, provides training and workshops and carries out inspections and issues certifications. We do this across various branches, such as the employment agency branch, and construction, transportation, logistics, technology, cleaning, meat and poultry industries.

An overview of some of our services:

Clients choose Normec VRO on account of:

  • The direct personal contact
  • The prompt response, short turnaround times and efficient completion of audits
  • Our independent audits by ethical and impartial employees who are committed to your organisation
  • The transparent work method and well-defined agreements
  • Our years of experience and expertise in this branch

Normec VRO is accredited by the Accreditation Council. This means that, as an organisation, we comply with the ISO/IEC 17020 standard for the NEN 4400-1 Standard and the SNA Handbook and the standard for housing migrant workers – SNF Regular/SNF Temporary Worker Register and the SNF Harmonisation Document SNF (registration number I203).

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