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CEO Normec Group

Joep Bruins

Joep Bruins is an entrepreneur with a background in the technical and financial sector. Before Normec he was CEO of the Orangefield Group, a financial service provider which in the space of ten years he developed from a small player to an international organisation with offices in more than 20 countries. Following the sale of Orangefield, Joep found a new challenge: to add value to the inspection and certification market. In 2015 he established the Normec Group with two colleagues.

COO Normec Group

Britt Schuurs

Britt Schuurs is Chief Operating Officer at Normec. Prior to Normec, Britt was an investment professional at Summit Partners, a large private equity fund based in Boston, San Francisco and London. Britt started her career at Goldman Sachs in London focusing on Mergers & Acquisitions in the European technology sector. Britt holds a BSc in Actuarial Sciences and a MSc in Financial Econometrics from the University of Amsterdam.

CFO Normec Group

Marco Zomer

Marco Zomer is one of the three co-founders of Normec Group and has vast experience in various management roles. Before Normec he worked with Joep Bruins and Martje Princen at Orangefield Group, where he fulfilled the role of finance director for Orangefield Netherlands. Marco has a Masters in Econometrics & Management Science and a Masters in Economics & Business. Marco therefore has a solid financial background and also has extensive knowledge of process optimisations using IT.

General Counsel Normec Group

Frederik Bernoski

Frederik Bernoski is General Counsel for Normec Group. After studying law, he gained great experience as a solicitor with Nauta Dutilh (including in New York). In 2010, Frederik began working with Joep Bruins at Orangefield Group. After going his own way for several years, Frederik has been working with the Normec Group since August 2020. With his extensive knowledge in the legal field, he is closely involved in takeover processes and is a legal sounding board for the organization.


Martje Princen

Martje Princen is one of the three co-founders of Normec Group. She has a legal background and, along with Joep Bruins, has also worked at Orangefield Group. In March 2016 she started as operational director of Normec Certification, subsequent to which in 2017 she became the managing director responsible for all business units under Normec Assurance. In 2020, Martje was appointed as managing director of Normec Life Safety & Environment, which includes Normec Assurance.

Director Normec Foodcare

Arno Rengers

Arno Rengers is an entrepreneur and manager with over 25 years of experience in product and taste tests. He has a commercial and business background. Together with Martin Breedland, he has made IvoMar Marktonderzoek (now part of Normec Foodcare) the market leader in the Netherlands and Belgium by attracting the biggest retailers as its clients. He has been a Director at Normec Foodcare since the beginning of 2017.

Managing Director Normec Assurance

Judith Berentsen

Judith Berentsen is Managing Director of the Normec Assurance Division. Prior to that, she was Operational Director of Normec FLC and held various management positions with CROP certification for years. Judith has the special combination of hard and soft skills. She has extensive knowledge of the inspection industry and the industries where inspections and audits are done. She also has the ability to forge a tight team. Judith has a business background and extensive experience in Finance & Accountancy.

Director Sales & Marketing Normec Foodcare

Roger Nass

Roger Nass is Director of Sales & Marketing at Normec Foodcare and has 15 years of experience in the food industry. He completed his Food Technology studies at Wageningen University and Research. After working at Unilever for several years, he has been employed at FrieslandCampina for the past 12 years. He has successfully led several international commercial teams in which a customer-oriented approach was central. Roger made the switch to Normec Foodcare in January 2019.

Managing director Normec AWS

Hans van der Wart

Hans van der Wart is Managing Director of Normec AWS and cluster director of the Normec water entities. Hans gained extensive experience at ALcontrol, where he optimized the lab and quality system in Sweden, the UK and the Netherlands. During this period, he also earned his MBA in Strategic Management. He then held various management positions in the Netherlands, including at Eurofins and Kiwa Compliance. In 2018, Hans joined Normec AWS, where he focuses on further growing and professionalizing the company.

Director of Operations Normec Foodcare

Mariska van Schaik

Mariska van Schaik is Director of Operations at Normec Foodcare. She completed her Food Technology studies at the Hogere Agrarische School in Den Bosch. Subsequently, she started as QA project manager at the Bureau voor Kwaliteitszorg. In just over ten years, Mariska has become a specialist in the field and has continued to grow in various management positions. As of 2019, she is responsible for Normec Quality Assurance, Normec Foodlab and Normec Sensory as operational director.

Managing Director Normec Servaco

Nico Van Landuyt

Nico Van Landuyt has been co-director of Normec Servaco, the Belgian branch of the Normec Group, since 2018. After his studies as a doctor in medicine, surgery and obstetrics and a supplementary certificate in biotechnology, he joined the family business Servaco in 1988. As owner, Nico was the driving force for his team to expand Servaco in a short time into a group of companies active in environmental, structural and food research. Trend-setting in the Belgian market. Since 2018, he has supported the further expansion of the Normec Group.

CIO Normec Group

Martin Breedland

Martin Breedland is an entrepreneur and manager with over 25 years of experience in product and taste tests. Martin has a commercial background and is very knowledgeable about IT. Together with Arno Rengers, he has made IvoMar Marktonderzoek (now part of Normec Foodcare) the market leader in the Netherlands and Belgium. This was partly thanks to the success of test centre ‘Het Smaakhuis’. He has been Managing Director of Normec Foodcare since the beginning of 2017 and became Chief Information Officer of the Normec Group in 2021.

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