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Sustainability, ESG and corporate social responsibility are aspects that get attention or else should get attention within every organization. And at Normec, we give this extra attention.

In case you are still unsure what the three letters ESG mean: ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. In a nutshell, ESG policy is about how our services and business processes can be more sustainable, cleaner, safer, fairer and healthier. In short, how we can do even better.

The scope and impact of these three letters on our business and society is huge. Now the great thing is that many ESG principles are embedded in Normec’s service and social responsibility from the very beginning. You could even say that the founding of Normec stemmed from exactly that question: how can we, as a company in the TICC industry (Testing, Inspection, Certification, Compliance), operate more sustainably, cleaner, safer, fairer and healthier? That intrinsic desire for better is the basis for solid strategy toward better.


Annual ESG report

Every year Normec prepares an ESG report. This report tells you where Normec’s ESG strategy has focused in the past year, which parties were involved and what the challenge is for the coming years. Because ESG strategy is not a quick fix but a continuous integral process of improvement. Of learning, measuring and collaborating,  of consulting, inspiring, and yes also of pioneering. 

Normec wants to contribute to a sustainable and safe working environment.

Joep Bruins - CEO Normec

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