Skill. Enterprising. Ambition. And diligence.

Working at Normec

Skill. Enterprising. Ambition. And diligence. These are all qualities you'll recognize in 1,000 Normec employees. Personality traits we know how to value at Normec, traits we gladly make room for. We share a love of science and legislation but also for... drive.

It was drive that enabled our founders to establish Normec. We exist and we grow thanks to knowledge and skill; we excel thanks to drive. This mindset is what sets us apart. It’s our unwavering appeal.

We’re looking for more people with drive. For initiators. Skilled people, with experience within one of our departments. Because Normec is growing at a fast and stable pace, both domestically and abroad.

Does this describe you? Do you have the know-how, the right energy and a sense of responsibility? Then we are curious about your drive. If it’s a match, there might just be a place for you within one of our teams.

Our teams always keep an eye on the future; we keep looking for better solutions. We want to be at the forefront of our profession.

Martje Princen, Managing Director Assurance


Normec Certification

Normec Certification is the leading company in the field of certification. With expert, experienced inspectors (quality, environment and safety). In a short period of time, Normec Certification has become the leading certifying body in every sector, from installation engineering to construction and wholesale.

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Normec Laboratory

Normec Laboratory is RvA-accredited under number L330. This qualification, together with our thorough approach, ensures reliable analyses. The extensive knowledge available in the laboratory extends not only to the analysis but also to the application of your material.

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Normec VRO

VRO helps organisations with issues around inspections and certifications, using fair labour as a starting point. We work with industry organisations to regularly develop new standards and schedules for various sectors such as: the temporary employment sector, construction, transport, logistics, technology, cleaning, meat and poultry.

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Normec Fair Labour Certification

Normec FLC quickly and efficiently verifies whether client organisations (still) meet the requirements set by the various standards? Normec FLC advises where necessary.

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Normec Foodcare

Normec Foodcare is the specialist in food quality and safety. We will gladly help you with Q&A issues, recognised microbiological, chemical and physical analyses, taste tests, Q&A software, labelling and training courses.

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Normec Quality Assurance

We provide companies in the food industry and institutions with the best food care solutions. Your quality, food safety and QA solutions are in good hands with our professionals.

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Normec Sensory

The specialist in product and taste research. We offer suitable solutions for retailers and manufacturers of A brands and/or own brands such as in-house research and the test centre ‘Het Smaakhuis’.

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Normec Foodlab

You can call on us for all accredited microbiological, chemical and physical analyses; research into shelf life; quality of raw materials and similar products and digital inspections.

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Normec Label & Specifications

Our specialists will gladly answer all your questions related to labelling, specification management and legislation & regulations. We check your labels and offer advice on necessary changes.

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Normec Training & Education

For a full range of training programmes for companies in the food industry. We offer both open training programmes and bespoke in-company or e-learning trainings for any business situation.

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Normec CareNet Online

CareNet Online QA software. The smart and efficient solution for the quality department. We offer intelligent process management for the industry in terms of inspections, e-learning, textbooks, specifications and registrations. Also bespoke services!

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Normec Foodtrust

As an independent expert in the field of food defense (TACCP), food fraud (VACCP) and crisis management, Foodtrust helps businesses take preventive measures to facilitate a transparent food chain.

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Testing, inspections, compliance

Normec Aquaserva

Safety is the most important aspect for any building manager. The specialists at Normec Aquaserva are fully aware of the requirements that are imposed on organisations in this regard. Water safety, fire safety, safety inspections and a healthy indoor environment are part of a total package developed by Normec for all safety aspects of buildings. Applications include inspection & advice, sustainable installation management and implementation of installation modifications to drinking water, gas or air installations.

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Normec Biobeheer

Normec BioBeheer (bio-management) is an independent microbiological research firm. Our experts take water and indoor environment samples and compile clear analyses. With thorough research and inspections, and thorough advice, Normec BioBeheer guarantees the safety of (drinking) water and a healthy working environment.

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Normec Fire Safety and Security

Normec FSS inspects fire protection systems. Our teams have expert knowledge of every fire protection application available, so customers can be sure of an excellent and efficient inspection.

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For industrial analyses and research, please contact SERVACO NV, an independent, multidisciplinary Normec laboratory. We operate in the following subareas: environment, architecture, leather and textile, and general research.

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All Water Services

All Water Services is the acknowledged and accredited specialist in the field of sampling and analysis of wastewater, surface water and bathing water. This includes the integral process of sampling, analysis and reporting. AWS's expert staff travel throughout the country to carry out sampling. AWS's clients include organisations from a range of industries that use process water, such as the food industry but also various water authorities and Rijkswaterstaat.

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