Skill. Enterprising. Ambition. And diligence.

Working at Normec

Skill. Enterprising. Ambition. And diligence. These are all qualities you'll recognize in 1,000 Normec employees. Personality traits we know how to value at Normec, traits we gladly make room for. We share a love of science and legislation but also for... drive.

It was drive that enabled our founders to establish Normec. We exist and we grow thanks to knowledge and skill; we excel thanks to drive. This mindset is what sets us apart. It’s our unwavering appeal.

We’re looking for more people with drive. For initiators. Skilled people, with experience within one of our departments. Because Normec is growing at a fast and stable pace, both domestically and abroad.

Does this describe you? Do you have the know-how, the right energy and a sense of responsibility? Then we are curious about your drive. If it’s a match, there might just be a place for you within one of our teams.

Our teams always keep an eye on the future; we keep looking for better solutions. We want to be at the forefront of our profession.

Martje Princen, Managing Director Assurance

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