Skill. Enterprising. Ambition. And diligence.

Working at Normec

Skill. Enterprising. Ambition. And diligence. These are all qualities you'll recognize in 1,000 Normec employees. Personality traits we know how to value at Normec, traits we gladly make room for. We share a love of science and legislation but also for... drive.

It was drive that enabled our founders to establish Normec. We exist and we grow thanks to knowledge and skill; we excel thanks to drive. This mindset is what sets us apart. It’s our unwavering appeal.

We’re looking for more people with drive. For initiators. Skilled people, with experience within one of our departments. Because Normec is growing at a fast and stable pace, both domestically and abroad.

Does this describe you? Do you have the know-how, the right energy and a sense of responsibility? Then we are curious about your drive. If it’s a match, there might just be a place for you within one of our teams.

Our teams always keep an eye on the future; we keep looking for better solutions. We want to be at the forefront of our profession.

Martje Princen, Managing Director Assurance


Normec Certification

Normec NCK is an accredited certification body (by the Dutch Accreditation Council, reg. no. C234 and C274) and market leader in the field of asbestos, building materials and soil. Our expert and experienced inspectors in the field of quality, environmental issues and safety help customers to achieve sustainable improvements. With our certification services organisations gain detailed insight into their quality, efficiency and safety levels.

Normec VRO

Normec VRO is an accredited institution (by the Dutch Accreditation Council, reg. no. I203). Normec VRO inspects and certifies companies that aim to distinguish themselves in the realm of fair labour. In cooperation with sector organisations, we are actively involved in the development of new standards and frameworks for a range of sectors. Normec VRO is authorised to carry out inspections for the SNA quality mark, the SNF quality mark, the ABU and the NBBU, amongst others.

Normec NCK

Normec NCK is an accredited certification body (by the Dutch Accreditation Council, reg. no. C501 and C626) in the field of safety, quality and environmental issues. Our expert and experienced inspectors are committed to investing in a long-term relationship. Our goal is to have your workable and manageable system validated with a certificate and/or accreditation.


VQZ Bonn GmbH (VQZ) was founded in 1996 and has its headquarters in Bonn. VQZ certifies quality management systems such as ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 and environmental and safety systems such as ISO 45001, ISO 14001, MAAS-BGW and SCC). Our customers are mainly healthcare companies, business and industrial service providers.

Life Safety & Environment

Normec Fire Safety and Security (FSS)

Normec Fire Safety & Security (FSS) is an accredited inspection body, which is able to handle the entire inspection process to ascertain a certified level of fire safety. Proper, efficient inspections of fire safety installations are the specialism of our highly experienced and skilled inspectors. The mission of Normec FSS is to ensure optimum levels of fire safety in the Netherlands.

Normec Servaco

Normec Servaco is an accredited, independent, multidisciplinary laboratory in Belgium providing industrial analysis and research. The experts in the environmental and architectural departments work closely together and guarantee effective, expert service. Normec Servaco is at the cutting edge of the market and is known for its outstanding customer service and broad testing capabilities.

Normec Rei-Lux

Normec Rei-Lux is an measuring company that measures the stability of lampposts and similar anchored structures using a patented 3D measuring system. The measurements are aimed at extending the life expectancy of the structures, thereby reducing costs and avoiding any unnecessary CO2 emissions.

Normec Aquaserva

Normec AquaServa is an independent consultancy firm dedicated to building safety, with its own installers and inspectors all over the Netherlands. Safety is the most important aspect for any building manager. The specialists at Normec Aquaserva are fully acquainted with the safety standards set for organisations for this purpose. Water safety, fire safety, safety inspections and a healthy indoor environment are part of the total package created by Normec AquaServa to cover all safety aspects of buildings.

Normec Biobeheer

Normec BioBeheer (Normec Bio-Management) is an independent bacteriological research bureau with an accredited laboratory that focus on water and indoor environments. Our experts take water and indoor environment samples and draw up clear analyses. Through extensive research and inspections and with sound advice, Normec BioBeheer guarantees the safety of (drinking) water and a healthy work environment.

Normec All Water Services (AWS)

Normec All Water Services (AWS) the accredited and independent agency in the field of sampling and analysis of wastewater, surface water and outdoor swimming water. As a leading specialist in the field of inspection and testing of environment-related activities, we spare you the burden with our professionalism, expertise and quality of service. We take care of the entire process from sampling, analyses to the final reports.

Normec Kalsbeek

Normec Kalsbeek is the leading research and consultancy company in the area of water safety with a wide range of sophisticated solutions and products that have been developed in-house. Normec Kalsbeek also has the right solution where water quality is concerned for your business operations, cooling and/or heating installations. Normec Kalsbeek has all the necessary expertise for safe drinking and process water for you at its disposal.

Industrial Safety & Emergency Consult (ISEC)

ISEC is the advisory and training partner in the safety branch and offers certified training in the safety sector for industry, wind energy and rope access at a fully equipped training centre in Melsele (Belgium). Our clients are internationally oriented companies within the heavy industry and chemical sector as well as the wind energy and maritime sector.

Inrush & Certiprotect

Inrush provides safety training in which awareness, knowledge and skills are developed to safely handle and carry out work on electrical installations. We have various partnerships so that we can offer our customers a wide spectrum of (safety) training. Participants of a training provided by Inrush can take their exam at Certiprotect.

Organic Waste Systems (OWS)

OWS is the world leader in determining biodegradability and compostability. OWS offers testing and services related to biodegradability, compostability, anaerobic digestion, auditing, control & sorting of various waste streams and consulting for sustainable development.

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