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Normec tests, inspects and certifies so that organisations can innovate safely, quickly and (cost) efficiently. With intelligent, thorough and independent research and reporting, we combine professional expertise with excellent IT-driven services. That's how we set the standard. Contact

Normec Group

Normec’s specialists focus on Testing, Inspection, Certification and Compliance. As an independent organisation, our work includes taking care of the quality and safety of our clients’ materials, systems and products. We carry out tests and inspections using accredited methods. In doing so, we collaborate with organisations by ensuring the sustainable improvement of the company or institution by means of a clear, efficient process. 

We strive for quality. For guaranteed results. This can-do attitude is echoed in all branches of Normec Group. We work from two business units: Life, Safety & Environment and Foodcare.

Life Safety & Environment

Our teams in the Life, Safety & Environment business unit are highly experienced in the areas of quality, safety, health and the environment. With our integral approach, we relieve our customers of their concerns in a fast and effective manner, and we assist them in meeting the requirements set by the various standards for parties in the various sectors. Our area of activity ranges from construction, water, fire and air quality in buildings to surface water, soil and air research. Moreover, Normec supports sustainability by, among other things, monitoring waste and reuse flows.

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Agri & Food is our business unit with far-reaching specialisations in the field of food quality and safety. Our activities include supporting QA issues, making accredited microbiological, chemical and/or physical analyses. We are happy to help our clients, beyond expectations. This also applies to taste tests, QA software, labelling and training. Normec knows, like no other: success starts with a good product.

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“Our clients are not only concerned with the obligations. As an organisation, a certificate also shows your customers that you stand for quality and reliability.”

- Joep Bruins, CEO Normec

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